A vehicle’s painted surfaces take abuse from the elements, daily driving and poor maintenance techniques. No matter how well you take care of your car or how careful you are, sometimes the paint can still get scratched or damaged. These surfaces must be corrected by machine leveling, quality products, modern/advanced techniques, and most importantly an educated detailer.

Paint correction is the art of removing defects found on the painted surface of your vehicle. These defects include but are not limited to; holograms, scratches, swirls, etching, oxidation, and micro-abrasions. The corrective process is accomplished by leveling the vehicle's clear coat, by process of machine compounding and or polishing; or a variation of the two. This in turn leaves the paint, glossy and restores the depth, clarity, color, and true beauty hidden within your vehicle's paint.

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All cars must be seen before a final price is given. The condition of your vehicle will help determine pricing and services we can offer. All work done is by appointment ONLY.

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COrrection FAQ

Can you give me a quote without seeing my vehicle?

The condition of your vehicle will determine the final price in order to achieve the best results possible. All pricing is subject to a vehicle inspection before a firm quote is given. All work done is by appointment ONLY.

How long does paint restoration take?

In order to remove the defects in the paint, a skilled detailer must properly prepare the painted surface, prior to compounding or polishing.  This is accomplished by removing any surface-bonded contaminants, such as ferrous metals, tar, bug carcasses, line paint, tree sap and other associated debris which can be embedded in the clear coat.

Do you sell products for me to maintain my vehicle?

 We sell a complete line of P&S Professional detailing products and chemicals. We can also get most any other detail products that are sold through Detailedimage.com, just ask us. We will also show you how to properly wash your vehicle. We have a complete maintenance kit for sale that has everything to perform a two bucket wash.

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