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Auto DETAiling

With our automotive detail packages, it’s our goal to make your vehicle look as good as possible from the inside out.

Our process involves certified and talented professionals applying a proven system to restore your vehicle to near factory condition. Using specialized equipment such as high-powered vacuums, vapor steamers and air tools along with certified professional-level cleaners and conditioners we'll take your car to the next level of clean.

- COMPLETE Interior & EXTerior -

DETAIL Packages

Offering professional detailing packages that fit the needs of both budget and vehicle

Starting at
All interior panels, seats are cleaned and disinfected
Carpets and upholstery receive a deep clean
All interior glass cleaned
Door jambs cleaned
Professional protection applied to interior surfaces
Additions of leather coating and ceramic fabric coating available
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Starting at
Multi-step decontamination of exterior
Deep cleaning of wheels, including wheel well areas
Dress tires
Professional nano sealant giving 3 to 6 months protection on exterior painted surfaces
All interior panels cleaned, disinfected and protection applied
Glass cleaned
Extensive deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery
Extensive Vacuuming
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NEW CAR / Maintenance
Starting at
Multi step decontamination of exterior
Wheel and well areas cleaned
Professional nano sealant giving 3 to 6 months protection on exterior painted surfaces
Interior cleaning and vacuuming
Glass cleaning
Tires dressed
*For vehicles on our New Car / Maintenance plan, time between Detailing shall not exceed 4 weeks.
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DEtailing FAQ

How often should a vehicle Get detailed?

At least once per year. Detailing is effective in getting you a better resale or trade-in price.  So, if you are planning on selling or trading your car in, make sure to have it detailed prior to inspection. We also offer maintenance detail packages to all current customers.

How long does the FULL detail PACKAGE take?

Our Full Detail package will take between 6–10 hours depending on the type, size & condition of your car. Vehicles that requires extra attention on the interior or the exterior may be longer. We will let you know time needed upon initial inspection.

What is the difference between an Exterior Detail and a Paint Correction?

Generally, our exterior detail is to clean and protect the outside of the vehicle, whereas the paint correction helps restore your vehicle’s finish back to near factory or even better condition.

Do you sell products for me to maintain my vehicle?

 We sell a complete line of P&S Professional detailing products and chemicals. We can also get most any other detail products that are sold through Detailedimage.com, just ask us. We will also show you how to properly wash your vehicle. We have a complete maintenance kit for sale that has everything to perform a two bucket wash.

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